Vote grabbing monsters

Labour does well to expose the ruling party's limitless deceit in the run up to the last general elections. All the bare-faced lies and broken promises should not escape criticism because it would legitimate their use and democracy itself would be at stake. We are already in a situation where transparency and accountability have no value. On the other hand Labour mustn't follow suit by attempting to be everything for everybody to the detriment of fundamental principles and values that should characterize social democracy. This unprincipled populism is a vote grabbing monster.

Labour does well to discuss irregular immigration openly in Parliament. Complete silence on the matter would have benefited the far-right more than ever. The far-right revels in ignorance and fear and has no qualms with promoting a heartless racist agenda. On the other hand Labour mustn't follow suit by attempting to play the fear card. Social justice demands nothing less than the equality of all human beings of whatever race, creed, sex, age, ability and social background. Whilst stressing the need for cross-border solidarity in immigration is warranted the politics of fear is a vote grabbing monster.

Labour does well to criticise the ruling party on its gross inefficiencies in incentivising the economy especially in times of crisis. The ruling party has inexplicably failed to control wasteful spending since only a small portion of investment went into safeguarding jobs that were in a precarious state. On the other hand Labour must declare its position clearly on economic policy. Social democracy demands a solid and efficient welfare state that is there to safeguard first and foremost the weak in society and the welfare state can only be sustained by taxation and well-managed public spending. Labour's defence of the deficit in times of crisis is welcomed but a purposefully vague economic policy is a vote grabbing monster.

Labour does well to criticise the ruling party on its (un)environmental credentials. The friends of friends mentality who can construct concrete ogres wherever and whenever they please has to stop. Months ago Labour very gladly made environenmental preservation and sustainable development one of their basic core aims. On the other hand Labour mustn't follow in the footsteps of the ruling party's flirtations with construction magnates who don't give a s**t about the environment and neither should it endorse the traditional massacre of birds and fish facing imminent extinction. Whilst Labour has shown very positive signs of change on its environmental policy by being proactive it should not at the same time give in to those who do not have the conservation of species, sustainable development and alternative energy at heart for in doing so it would be pursuing a vote grabbing monster.

Labour does well to criticise and expose the ruling party's miserable track record on civil rights both at the national and EU level. Certain prominent individuals and stratgists at the heart of the Nationalist Party have in years gone-by fashioned the traditionally conservative PN to be more socially liberal than the PL. But today we have a confirmation on how liberal the PN actually is and the answer, according to Vice PM Tonio Borg, is in the negative. On the other hand Labour must be more forceful and pursue issues such as divorce, cohabitation and gay rights with conviction and not as vote grabbing monsters.

Labour has a lot of potential and can very well be a positive alternative government to the current status-quo. But this potential will surely falter if Labour tries to be everything for everybody. Unprincipled populism, the politics of fear, unclear economic policy, the flirtations with certain moguls and lobbies and a not so forceful position on civil rights can lead Labour to victory but this at the cost of everything it should stand for and it would ultimately prolong the status-quo instead of undoing it.

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