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All post-graduate law students, i.e. students wishing to enroll for the LLD course have been asked to register for their credits by not later than next Monday, 31st of August. Consequentially a list of subjects and their corresponding value in credits has been issued. However, no course catalogue containing a description of what the subjects entail, who the lecturers are and how the subject is assessed throughout the year exists. One remedy for this ridiculous shortcoming is by checking the relevant information via the online University of Malta portal esims. However, the latter is not updated and certain credits are not even in the database.

The result is practically the following: the student is given a list of subjects to choose from (aside from a set of compulsory subjects) and he must do so blindly. The only little information that he or she can maybe use to his or her advantage comes from the name itself. But what if the subject name sounded interesting but the content was dreadfully boring? Would it be my fault for choosing it? What if I'd rather avoid lectures with this or that particular lecturer? What if I'd rather avoid having oral examinations? Don't I have a right to know such basic information before being asked to choose?

Quite frankly, I don't care who is behind it, but there are no excuses for this administrative failure.

How can Malta excel when the institution that is supposed to support students neglects them? On the other hand students should make their voice heard on issues such as this.

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