Goodbye Johnny (?)

From what I've heard and read so far, there is a great possibility that social policy minister John Dalli could replace Joe Borg in the European Commission. There may be many reasons, some of which are justified, but the truth is that his elimination from the Maltese political scenario would be a great sigh of relief for Gonzi and his entourage. His departure would be a loss for the actual PN (and not the GonziPN as we know it) and Maltese politics in general.
I do not want Dalli to remain in the domestic scene just to spite Gonzi or anything of the sort. Such things do not interest me in the least. In fact there are instances where I disagree completely with Dalli's politics, such as his resistance to a potential anti-discrimination directive on the ground that it may not be in line with Maltese social policy and tradition. However John Dalli is one of the very few politicians who are genuine in their beliefs. He is one of the very few politicians from the ruling party who has not succumbed to the arrogance which power brings with it. I must add that my respect for him has increased immensely after I read what he had to say in the recent Nationalist Party General Council regarding his concept of values.
Dalli's interpretation on the loss of values merits applause as well as discussion. According to the minister:
"Maltese people were never xenophobic, never resented foreigners and always lived alongside foreigners. Maltese people have always helped in a very generous manner those in need, whether Maltese or foreigners. That is the culture we need to strengthen." -
He couldn't have said it any better. Xenophobia in this country is spiraling out of control and this can be attributed to many factors ranging from a religious order which is far more preoccupied with a full-frontal battle against secularism and freedom of conscience to politicians who have nurtured an atmosphere of fear against anything foreign - obviously to suit their own ends.
The minister had a lot of guts to say what he did. Well done.

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