There is always a 'but'

Did you ever notice how us Maltese have developed an unfortunate habit of qualifying a position against or in favour of something with a counter-position? Let me give you a few examples:

  1. I am not racist....but these people should be sent back immediately from where they came. 
  2. I do not condone poaching and illegal hunting...but those Germans had no right to film such illegalities and give Malta a bad name.
  3. I am hell-bent on bringing down this oligarchic power-block...but I am not willing to do so directly so that I can be used as a scapegoat (???)
  4. I am not against gay marriage...but I do not believe that gay couples should have the right to adopt children
I'm sure there are plenty of other examples that are better or more ridiculous than the ones I have listed above. One wonders why we have a knack of adopting 'neither here nor there' positions. Is it out of fear of being labelled or perceived as being loony, radical or controversial? Is it a cause of recent historical events which have ingrained in us a certain caution to be as objective as possible? Is it the cause of purely individual/egoist interests; that is, not to step on anybody's toes or to be in everybody's good books despite one's personal beliefs? 

It could be none of the above, or a mixture of all of them. I don't really know for I am no sociologist. What is sure is that this culture of caution is all pervading. It is especially prevalent in most politicians; such that we are not exactly sure what they actually stand for. This is precisely why you come to have some respect for politicians such as Dr. Adrian Vassallo, who are consistent and unashamed of their beliefs, even though you may or may not disagree with them.

Being in favour or against something with certain reservations is not bad or deplorable or anything of the sort. But when you see a consistent pattern of cautious speech/actions you begin to wonder whether there is something more to it than meets the eye. To be honest though, sometimes it really pisses me off, especially when the X but Y position is just ridiculous and illogical. In any case, it would be an interesting to study this, I guess. 

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