The Opposite

"jekk xi hadd jghidli ghaddi minn dit-triq
jien nimxi n-naha l-ohra
naghzel il-lvant
u minghajr skrupli
nghodd is-soldi
meta haddiehor jghodd il-liri
dak li jhobb haddiehor jiena noboghod
dak li jobghod jien inhobb
u ma tigini l-edba ghira
jekk nisfa wahdi fuq gzirti

ghalhekk twelidt jien."

My father had written these few words some 40 years ago. Some may interpret it as an expression of solitude. Yet I prefer to interpret it as the revolutionary spirit of a young man who is disgusted with the status quo; a non-conformist who is not afraid of doing things differently even if he has to walk such paths alone. One should know (or perhaps remember) that at the time (we are talking about 1968/69) things weren't so great under what was largely a theocratic Malta. At least for a considerable portion of the Maltese population it wasn't.

Incidentally, the honorable Government is today also infused with a revolutionary spirit and certainly goes about issues differently. How? People may be afraid to say it or to face reality but we are currently undergoing an economic recession. When other governments around the world, for good or for bad, are doing all they can to stimulate the economy the government here seems content to do the opposite and create larger burdens through infamous water and electricity tariffs. When other governments (unfortunately not all of them) hold true to the virtues of transperancy and accountability the government here is content with what seem to be vast immunities from any wrong-doings and so-called 'scandals'. The concept of ministerial responsibility seems to be dead and buried. The concept of ministerial machoism is however healthy.

I am glad that the government is slowly changing its opinion on the first point. I am certain that it will not even consider the second. But some things never change, revolutionary spirit or not. The old tricks are still the same, the old rhetoric still in place. Create fear now, instill hope later. Then divide and conquer. We always fall for it, don't we?

When we should be marching for our welfare, civil rights and government transparency we march instead to vent our frustration at other races and cultures who have done nothing to hurt us in any way. When we should actively be calling for change in the way things are done we sit down, tight-lipped, without much ado save the odd moan and whine.

We love doing things in the opposite. But for the wrong reason it seems.

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