Change we can believe in

If there is one thing today that the USA can be commended for it is the democratic electoral process that it pursues. Granted that it is not as smooth and transparent as one would wish we have still witnessed a long and significant journey that has led to the cross-roads of my generation.

It is a journey that has seen the rise of a new and formidable movement of hope and change; of a world that can be built upon solidarity, freedom and the progressive ideal. It is a movement that destroys the divide based on race and religion and sexual orientations. It is a movement that holds mankind to be equal wherein the weak are given all the incentives to prosper and the strong are willing to help out whilst remaining fundamentally strong. It is a movement that holds diplomacy and peace to be far stronger than the thunderous roar of destructive warfare. It is a movement that is willing to jointly work for a better future together with peoples who do not necessarily agree with it. It is a movement that realizes the fundamental significance of safeguarding our environment and battles its ruin and exploitation. It is a movement that pursues civil rights with vigor including the fundamental right to affordable healthcare and education for all.

It has also been a journey that has seen a call for the maintenance of the status-quo; the maintenance of warfare; the maintenance of divide and inequality; the maintenance of corporate greed; the maintenance of fear mongering and fact twisting; the maintenance of robbing earth of its wealth and its people of their dignity; the maintenance of ignorance and robbing people of their political, economic and social power in pursuance of undignified totalitarian power; the maintenance of robbing people of inalienable human and civil rights. It is a call that fears change and champions conservatism and disparaging traditional principles in the name of patriotism and nationalism.

Today the world has come to the cross-roads of its future. Americans have been given the choice to continue pursuing the decline and destruction of our earth. They have also seen the bold vision of a man which has shown us that hope still exists for a brighter future and which has instilled us with a sense of change that we can believe in.

America, it's time for the world to change. Vote for hope, vote for change, vote for freedom, vote for equality, vote for justice, vote for human and civil rights, vote for economic and social prosperity, vote for peace and diplomacy, vote for a better environment. Vote for Barack Obama.

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

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One Response to Change we can believe in

ElderChild said...

Taking the bait! And The LIE is swallowed, hook, line and sinker ;-(

Someone had written: "When I talk about people buying or being sold 'absolute crap' I'm not only talking about the material but also about the ideological. We are 'sold' on consumerism, the wars (Iraq), elections (the presidency), all manner of things. Unfortunately, so few people see that just because these ideas are on sale, that they don't actually have to buy them!"

Sadly, the multitudes have bought The LIE ;-(

The multitudes have taken the bait which is "ease of life", so-called, and The LIE was swallowed(believed),

and sinker(technology) ;-(

This place they call the u.s. of a. is the "bait"master and they catch their "fish" in every nation of this world ;-( Yet in england, france, germany, japan, etc, in all nations of this wicked world, there are those who have become disciples of the "bait"master and they also have found other "waters" in which to catch their "fish" ;-(

And so it is that today there are multitudes in every nation under the sun that have taken the bait(ease of life), and swallowed(believed) the hook(money), the line(education/religion) and the sinker(technology) ;-(

Tempted, hooked, reeled in, and held captive as they but serve "time" in the
prison that is this wicked world ;-(

Simply, they could not withstand the media blitz(krieg), and their "imag"ination got the best of them ;-(

Some two thousand years past The Truth bore witness to the fact that, "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one"! (1John5:19) Yet, the "fish" continue to seek out that "good" place in the world, when in Truth the world today is but the product of mankind's "imag"ination, a dry and thirsty land of mirages, nothing but shadows ;-(

And in this wicked world, "image"s abound and are worshipped ;-(

So why receive that which is of mankind's "imag"ination?

Even when such is supposedly "free" there will always be a price to pay, for mankind's "imag"ination is destroying the earth(land, air, water, vegetation, creatures) and perverting that which is Spirit(Light, Life, Truth, Love, Peace, Hope, Grace, Faith, etc.) ;-(

Consider the time when there were no radio's, no tv's, no movies, no newspapers, a time when there was no way yet "imag"ined and then manufactured, that would allow someone to publish or display the vain "imag"inations of mankind to the "masses". Sadly those who rule in this wicked world, and who control the "media", consider the "masses" to be but the M in E=MC(squared);-(

And yet today, here i am publishing(sharing) that which i believe to be from the heart, The Spirit within, not the vain "imag"inations of my fleshly mind. i can but hope that which i share is from The ONE whose voice i have heard and whose Power i have experienced in The Miracles of deliverance that set me free, free from the "I" in me!

The ONE who revealed the lies that are of this world, it's 'god', and it's systems of religion, as i received evermore "a love of The Truth". The ONE WHOM i know and believe is the Giver of Life, The Only True GOD and Father(Creator) of ALL!

Father Help! and HE does.......

In times past, as i wondered why things were as they were, i questioned?

Do you feel as i feel?
Do you wonder just what's real?

Do you see the little child?
Do you see them running wild?

i see their doubts and i see their fears,
i see their hurts and i see their tears.

Now could be that's what i look to see,
Yet what i see is real to me.

Now am i alone to care and cry?
Or must i close these eyes and surely die?

Sadly, the children, or those who once were called children, today are referred to as "kids" ;-(

Sadder yet, the reference is true ;-(

Baby goats abound because their 'parents' feed them all sorts of "trash", and so it is that as they grow, they "eat" any and all things, no matter the dis-eases(no-peace) that causes them to be pill pushers, peer pleasers, or worse yet slaves of the media ;-(

"Where have all the children gone? long time pa-as-sing" ;-(

Progress? Yes things are getting progressively worse and worse ;-(

The Hopi people of AZ once believed "A Simple and Spiritual Life is the only Life that will survive".

Sadly, not long ago, it seems the last "hostile" Hopi, "hostile" meaning against "progress" so-called! The last "hostile" Hopi passed away a short time ago, and the remaining hopi, remain in name only, for it seems they have given up and given in to "progress" ;-(

Hope is there are yet Hopi who still believe they will once again "see" their "True White Brother", Whom i believe to be The Messiah.

Thankfully Hope IS Alive!

For Miracles do happen!

Hope is there would be those who would take heed unto The Call of Our Father(Creator) and "Come Out" of this wicked world(babylon) and it's systems of religion, for they will no longer have their portion with those who are destroying the earth(land, air, water, vegetation, creatures) and perverting that which is Spirit(Light, Life, Truth, Love, Peace, Hope, Grace, Faith, etc.) ;-(

Truth testified more than 1900 years ago,“Pure religion and undefiled before GOD The Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the world.” (James 1:27)

Simply, all other “religion” is impure and defiled”!

And “religion”, so-called, has deceived the multitudes and perverted Truth ;-(

Faith will not create a system of religion!

And for those who have seen the destructiveness of this world and it's systems of religion and have embraced “mother earth", and the oneness that is the natural Creation?

Hope is they would also experience and embrace the ONEness that is a common union with their Brother, The Messiah, and Their Father, The Only True GOD(Great Spirit), HE WHO is Creator(Father) of ALL!

Family! indeed and Truth.......


Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this wicked world and it's systems of religion, for "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one"(1John5:19) indeed and Truth.......

Truth is never ending.......

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