Slaves of the system

What is the system?
  • The systems is when one particular religion is imposed upon you at birth;
  • When in the fragile years of childhood you are indoctrinated by selected texts and persons the differences between good and bad, moral and immoral, normal and abnormal, love and unlove;
  • When you are then told that without a proper upbringing, education and stable profession you are bound to suffer;
  • When you fail miserably at school and spend your days serving tables 10 till 7;
  • Or when you succeed because you have studied every day, till 4 in the morning sometimes, and had the opportunity to attend a prestigious school and private lessons every day;
  • When you take up your father's profession and adopt his ideology thus continuing your family's legacy and tradition;
  • When you attend mass every Sunday morning, 9 to 10;
  • When you have the privilege to make the correct friends and proper connections;
  • When you notice that everybody is an expert in everything;
  • When politicians promise you personal paradise and you fall for it;
  • When it is the male that must pursue the female;
  • When your marriage breaks down but you are unable to remarry;
  • When you are prohibited from falling in love with another because Church and State law see it as immoral and unnatural;
  • When you are constantly told that different cultures constitute an invasion and violation of your purity and identity;
  • When the only thing that ever matters is your party and your village saint;
  • When the independent media is not independent;
  • When you are told what to see and not see, hear and not hear, say and not say;
  • When the perversion of laws becomes justified;
  • When some are more equal than others;
  • When old age takes you and you are force to pay 200Eur p/week in a strict medicinal regime because life is sacred but so is Pfizer, Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline;
  • When on your deathbed you reminisce those rare but beautiful moments in life and on what could have been;
  • When it starts all over again
Each of us sees the system differently but it is always there. It would be a fundamental mistake to deny its existence. I admit that I have been slave to this system. I also believe, however that within me lies the power to change it.

And you?

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