Send them back "without exception"

I read with utmost disgust and disdain the opinion piece 'Telf ta' mpjiegi u xoghol' by Kampanja Helsien Nazzjonali (CNI) published on 'l-orizzont', 5th February 2009. In this opinion, the CNI claims that EU and the Euro has done absolutely nothing to help save employment, on the contrary the politics of the EU has led the country to the destruction of the workforce and takes a look at the dockyard's saga to make its point. In a way I tend to agree with CNI that certain EU politics has caused disruptions and anxiety in people's lives (e.g. its loathing of state subsidies) but vehemently disagree that the EU is the sole reason for mass unemployment and that it does nothing for the workers. But my concern with this opinion-piece is not this. After all, I never expected CNI to be lukewarm towards EU issues.

"The Union has worsened the illegal immigrant crisis" they claim. They make reference to incoming arrivals of immigrants in the winter season and the recent protests and clamour by immigrants in detention. The vast number of immigrants is causing "security and social problems, as well as financial burdens , burdens on health services and is giving us a bad name with foreign countries who accuse us of breaking human rights." Shockingly and ironicaly they then claim that "we must close all doors and must act to remove illegal immigrants by sending them back from whence they came without exception." To this aim the people must "ignore the politics and directives of the EU regarding illegal immigration, forget Frontex, burden sharing and the integration of illegal immigrants in Maltese society and adopt a political approach which does not permit illegal immigrants to stay in our country." All this in the name of the "national interest."

It would be an exercise of pure naivety and folly to deny that Malta cannot cope with such problems alone; that it needs a lot of help and assistance in this regard. There is nothing wrong in taking a firm stance on the issue and demanding assistance from our EU counterparts. Indeed, Nationalist MEP Simon Busuttil had a change of heart and made a plea for compulsory assistance when not long ago he and his party ridiculed the Labour Party when it demanded more than voluntary assistance on this issue. But I did not expect this vile and downright disgusting rhetoric from an organization that prides itself with Socialist ideals. I dare the CNI to send back that woman who's husband was brutally tortured and murdered at home just because he was a member of an opposing tribe, or because he voted for the wrong person. I dare the CNI to send back that 15 year old boy who was searching for a place were he can get an education when, in his voyage to Malta, the boat he was on succumbed to horrific weather and has now lost his entire family, dreading on a daily basis that he had to survive. I dare the CNI to send back that 19-year old preganant woman to her death just because she has fallen in love with another man. These are the same Socialists that fought for equality, a welfare state and decriminalized adultery in our country.

But the CNI does make an exception: that justice and socialism be attributed to Maltese citizens and Maltese citizens alone. I dread the politics of National Socialism and advocate Internationalism. Alas, the CNI, in its obsessive/fundamentalist anti-EU vilification is feeding on growing sentiments and emotions of fear to stake its claim. I applaud 'l-orizzont' for its openneness to expression of opinions but urge it to clarify where it stands and whether it supports the views of the CNI. Absolutely shameful.

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Keith Grech said...

We are on the same wavelength -


Andrew Sciberras said...

Always glad to see I'm not alone!

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