How many birds must be killed?

How many birds must be killed before tougher policies aimed at curbing illegal hunting are enacted by government? It is clear that a good number of hunters believe that laws and directives have no application. How unfortunate. In the press we read a lot of stories and comments about how hunting is a traditional pass-time and if it is taken away lives will be shattered. But we never get to hear what the real victims in this institutionalized tragedy have to say because they simply cannot speak. And those that try to speak up for them are either treated as a group of persons poking their noses where they don't belong or largely ignored.

Not long ago some of us rejoiced that the supposed ban on spring hunting gave rise to the beginning of the end of the more-than-powerful hunters' lobby. But I am really confused about whether this actually happened. And if politicians lack the will to change things it may be high time for citizens to take a stand.

How long will it be before there is no turning back?

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2 Responses to How many birds must be killed?

JOey said...

how long?
As long as it takes for politicians to stop treating spring hunting as a political issue and start looking at it as an ecological disaster. One which cannot be defined by borders but by common responsability.

Andrew Sciberras said...

I cannot agree more

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