Netanyahu is the real leader of this not so free world

It's an old cliche that the President of the USA, supposedly the most power nation on earth, is the 'president of the world'. This jingoist perception which delights any run of the mill gun-toting American patriot cannot be further from the truth. The most powerful nation, if by powerful we mean diplomatic sway, political influence, and an infinite supply of get out of jail free cards each time a crime against international law is committed, is not the US but Israel. The US just comes a respectable but boring second on the powerful nations charts.
Every time Israel seems to get its way in everything it does. The US has always been there to back it up of course. Either that, or else it just bows down to Israel's pressure. For no sane person on this earth can accept a system in which people are systematically kicked out of their homes (in which they have lived in forever) as something natural. This is still an everyday occurrence in the West Bank and Obama just doesn't have what it takes to pressure Israel into ending this serious inhumanity.
How can one seriously talk of peace when things like this are allowed to happen?

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