According to science man is an animal forming part of the class of mammals. Like all other mammals, human beings have sexual intercourse in order to produce offspring. Charles Darwin explained that those fit enough to produce offspring will multiply and those who are weak will wither and die out. In an animal's world it is only the fittest which survive. But man is a peculiar animal for he was capable of creating fire, mastering agriculture, erecting buildings, forging weapons, establishing laws and developing the unthinkable. Amongst such things, man was capable of developing in vitro fertilization (IVF), a scientific process by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside of the womb. In this way man can still produce through the non-natural method of sexual intercourse. The "weak" can still multiply and enjoy sons and daughters.

According to the Church man is created in God's image and is above animals. The Church does not disagree with the multiplication of offspring through sexual intercourse but it must be done in wedlock between man and woman for otherwise it would constitute a sin of the flesh. Charles Darwin was a blasphemer because he argued that the human species evolved from apes and not directly from God. Man is not an animal for he possesses a soul which can be cleansed from sin unlike the body. Man is unique for he is above animals. Human life is sacred even at at a uni-cellular level. It is for such reasons that the use of condoms and the abortion of an embryo are sinful. Similarly, the storage of frozen embryos is sinful and thus IVF is immoral and unethical.

Man is above animals yet he must act like an animal. If man cannot procreate like an animal then he must suffer childlessness. In the same way that the killing of the embryo is sinful so is its creation. This is the twisted logic of the Church which it believes should be made into law.

Ironically it is science which truly professes man's greatness and not religion.

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