Signs of the Times

Look at what this particular bloke had to say on today:
Nicola pace (40 minutes ago)

We don't need a more democratic and open EU, we've had that long enough and see where it's led us. This Europe which was once the cradle of civilization, the hub of Christianity has degenerated into a semi-muslim state where liberalisim has eroded all our moral values and transformed it into a Godless state in which we glorify homosexuals, lesbians and transexuals and vote to give them more cohabitation rights.

And while this is going on, this mighty Europe is powerless to stand up to North African countries like Libya and impose stiff sanctions until they address their illegal immigration policies and take tougher measures.

We don't need more democratic parties, we need more Nationalistic right wing parties who do not give in to political extortion and can take decisions. We don't need soft politicans who wait for years to pass important bills. We need people with determination, people who are intollerant against a Muslim invasion of Europe through an illegal immigration pattern while soft politicans discuss in Brussles and sign treateies with the UNHCR and repect human rights while we continue to be infested with diseases we have not seen in decades.

His comments are outright shameful and offensive. They justify what I wrote on my blog, i.e. that the left is suffering because of issues regarding terrorism and immigration. It is a huge injustice how in the midst of a global financial crisis, when lives are being shattered because of right-wing neoliberal greed, people like the person above only seem to care about their country and religion (religio et patria).

The left must never give in to such persons! But is it proposing concrete alternatives?

I note also the following anomaly. When divorce was mentioned last summer all hell broke loose and the Church went on a rampage against secularism and human liberty. Why is it so silent on racism and xenophobia?

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2 Responses to Signs of the Times

james debono said...

My big question is whether Malta needs an autonomous progressive/liberal/socialist movement (not a party) which brings pressure on the political left to move in a really progressive direction.

John Maszka said...

Did you also know that terrorism affects women more than any other demographic


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