No solution?

It seems that Europe does not endorse Labour's 20-point immigration plan. Of course, I did not expect otherwise. But as you unravel the entire picture you start to note a series of cause and effect but no adequate solutions at all.

Muscat, driven by a popular wave of worry, frustration and anger, had no choice but to present his action plan in parliament. He attempted to come to a solution but it is one I do not agree with. His reasoning is not to be tough with migrants but with politicians. Fair enough, but this political bashing, coupled with an over-zealous defense of national interest might lead to the opposite effect, i.e. that we will end up being very tough with migrants.

However, I do not wish to give false impressions. I fully agree with the principle of equality amongst the community's member states. In principle Malta should be no different than France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain. In fact, the men and women in Brussels said they recognise this shortcoming. Verheugen himself said that he was ashamed of the fact that the big states are leaving the smaller ones to fend for themselves. They seem to recognise further that something needs to be done because this lack of solidarity cannot continue. But they stop short of offering concrete solutions and in their silence they ironically strengthen the need for tough action. They are inviting the expansion of racism and xenophobia.

What is to happen if diplomatic solutions are put on the back-burner?

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2 Responses to No solution?

Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Andrew Sciberras said...

Thanks man. Unfortunately I don't understand Spanish...although I wish I did!

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