Il Popolo della Libertà

I feel sorry for the Italian nation and its people after having suffered a natural disaster which has claimed dozens of lives. My sincere condolences and sympathy go out to the families and friends that have lost their loved ones, their homes and places of work. I hope that they will manage to pick up the pieces and move on and somehow find comfort and peace of mind if such things are possible. Yet, and I apologise for the offence that my following statement may imply given the circumstances, I am even more distraught by their choice of Premier.

The "people of freedom" are run by a lunatic. Mind you, I quite enjoy his blatant disrespect for protocol and his gaffes never cease to amuse but there is something about him that really and truly pisses me off. Perhaps it is because he is so full of himself and that he thinks he is some Roman deity strutting around Europe doing whatever pleases him. And just like Roman deities he believes that somehow the law does not apply to him - that he is above the law. And yet he manages "The people of freedom": a coalition of conservative neoliberals and (ex?) fascists.

Perhaps the reason I'm so flamed is because it is thanks to these kind of people that we now find ourselves in a global financial crisis and because these kind of people are more concerned with bashing gypsies and migrants in the name of national interests than with creating more jobs, equality and the fight against climate change. Yes, the Italians have a W. of their own, hell-bent on forging some whimsical self-glorifying legacy than with what really matters.

Also if the implications of this Euronews report turn out to be completely factual, I hope Berlusconi is given the impeachement and criminal trial he truly deserves. Of course he may draw a trick or two from W.'s magical book of immunities that saved his ass in the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Then again, Berlusconi is so thoroughly versed in legal immunity he probably doesn't need to lift a finger, except unless he wants to look like a proper git just like in the photo above.

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