In it for the money

Despite the obligation of "creating an ever closer of union among the peoples of Europe" and the Community objective to "strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of the nationals of its Member States through the introduction of a citizenship of the Union" as set out by the Maastricth Treaty, the Maltese authorities still struck off a thousand eligible voters off the electoral register. Perhaps giving EU nationals the right to vote is a red line issue as well?

It seems that the pioneers of Malta's accession to the European Union did not really understand what the spirit of the European Treaties entail. They seem to have been content with a cushy job in Brussels and the possibility of acquiring funding for a project or two. Basically, they were in it for the money and nothing more. The benefit of EU funding and the economic monetary union (Euro) are the only things that are consistently and constantly lauded by the pioneers of accession.

Other positive aspects of European accession are either given brief mention or attacked by the pioneers. The concept is: Sing the globalization song when money is involved - Erect barriers when civil rights and liberties are contemplated.

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