Shame on Europe

It no longer makes any sense to keep harping about immigration statistics, the politics of asylum and diplomacy. The situation is what it is. Unfortunately every nation needs a public enemy to unite it and this time its not the colonizer but the migrant - both equally "invaders". An overwhelming 84% majority* believe that immigration is a crisis despite concrete figures showing otherwise. A shocking 4.3%* want them to die in the sea, and this percentage will only grow. The Nationalist government, particularly the justice ministry, plays with words and conveniently transforms the issue from non-crisis to a crisis as it sees fit and when it interests it. And in the meantime, the Labour Party's undiplomatic 20-point migration plan will stand to gain support while AD stands in the sidelines applauding this abhorrent charade. There is absolutely no hope for the migrant's plight here who incidentally now finds himself in the midst of a tug-of-war between Malta and Italy.

All of the above was becoming more and more obvious with each passing day and it is for such reasons that I started hoping the supranational EU institutions would be more humane and assertive. But I am now starting to lose faith in them as well. This passive pan-European attitude will forever be a stain on the so-called democratic heart of the world. It is true that the EU has other major issues to deal with, particularly managing the fiscal crisis but in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea there is a boatload of human beings wanting to live life as is their right. Instead, they do not even exist. Shame on Malta and Italy for this sad state of affairs and shame on Europe as well for being nothing more then a spectator.

*Both statistics were gathered from Maltatoday (publication 05.04.2009):

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One Response to Shame on Europe

Red said...

Great post! There is no doubt that the time has come for a serious discussion about the immigration phenomenon in Europe and in the rest of the world. As we know, people are on the move in every part of the planet; this is a reality that can no longer be brushed aside and left to small, extremist groups to discuss!

There is so much talk about human rights and about equality, but thousands of human beings who simply move to another part of the world in search of a better life often end up being treated as second-class citizens.

Rather than getting embroiled in futile discussions of "us" versus "them", I believe that we should see how we can all unite to create better living conditions for all people, regardless of where they are in the world!

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