Bound and Gagged

The mere and simple inspection of social networking domains and online journal blogs can reveal surprising realities in regard to the parochial and ever-present divide between Left and Right discourse.

When the left, most notably the MLP, speaks in terms of equality and respect between the two great political parties of this nation, especially in the light that it has the backing of half the people, the right is quick to quash such argument stating that no matter the electoral outcome, their party has won and in no way should the two parties be regarded as equals. Moreover, when the opposition performs its given duty to scrutinize the government in sectors where it has inadequately performed or where it has failed to deliver, or where it is turning its back on the people, or when it breaks a promise; the right is quick to depict such duty as inconsiderate, negative and unworthy. Basically, their premise is simple. The Left has no right to be considered equal, has no right to be consulted, has no right to criticize the government. The Left should not exist, or as things now seem, it is better if the Right dictates what the Left ought to be.

Ironically the government declared it will be a government for all the people and its apologists (the same people who are quick to dispose of and to ridicule anything the opposition says) are also quick in declaring their desires for a strong Opposition in the interest of democracy.

This ridicule and demonization does not stop at the MLP. It is also extended to other parties, NGO's and trade unions such as Moviment Graffitti; Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar; the General Workers Union; Alternativa Demokratika - The Green Party.

Thus, one cannot but argue that the rightist movement (or center-right to be more precise) seem to desire a voiceless opposition, one that is bound and gagged - a great infringement of the entire notion of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

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Anonymous said...

very true

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