Unite the Clans!

There seems to be a genuine plea for a Joint Leftist Movement by certain organizations and individuals. This revelation has come to light when I read certain comments on Labour in Labour and a press release made by Zmienijietna

“Malta requires a united left movement which aspires for governance in order to bring about the necessary changes so that Malta will be more equal, socially just and ecologically sustainable. We therefore urge political parties and NGOs on the left-side of the political spectrum to increase their collaboration and form alliances. We also urge Malta’s trade unions to bridge their differences with the hope of forming a Trade Union Council”

I personally believe this is a very interesting proposal and one which should seriously be considered. Of course, not all political parties and NGO's on the Left of Maltese politics coherently agree on all matters. But in diversity I believe that we all have a set of common goals. Unity is strength and the stronger we are, the more success there is in bringing about much needed change for this country.

How such an alliance can take place, if at all, is certainly food for thought. But attempting to build bridges and to openly discuss the matter, in my book, is a a step in the right direction.

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