Hear no Evil. Speak no Evil. See no Evil: Maltese Television

Upon reading a local journal it has come to my knowledge that curse words are not appropriate for Maltese television even though these are bleeped and that the show in question is aired at approximately 11:30PM and is certified age 18. The Paladins of Virtue and Righteousness at the Broadcasting Authority have won the battle. Congratulations. The comedy series 'Teletubi' has been stopped by the producers because they were losing money in fines. They have made this statement:

"Peress li ghad hawn persuni li jridu jiddeciedu ghalikom x'taraw u x'ma tarawx fuq it-televizjoni, hassejna li jkun ahjar jekk il-programm jieqaf hawn minflok nibqghu nhallsu l-multi"
What happened to the viewer's choice to simply change the channel with a click of a button if they do not like what they see? What happens now in the attempt to formulate Maltese entertainment albeit shocking and "in-your-face"? I wonder how many Maltese people watch foreign comedy series such as South Park, Family Guy or The Simpsons. Yet they are disgusted by the same attempt at comedy made by Maltese people. What happens to the freedom of expression? This satirical show makes fun of people, yes, perhaps in bad taste but not in bad faith. But in Malta it seems perfectly all right to embrace people in bad faith as long as you don't say a naughty word! Hush now, don't disturb the public peace and the good moral order of the family. It is very fragile indeed.

When will we grow up? When will the mentality change? Here is a clip for your viewing pleasure:

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