On Hold

I will be absent from this blog for the time being until my exams are over and done with. See you all in June.

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3 Responses to On Hold

Sandro Vella said...

Wish you well for your examinations.

See you in June.

Keith Grech said...

Awguri siehbi.

Sandro Vella said...

Dear friend,

this Friday the 13th of June 2008 at 8.00pm there shall be a meal organized for bloggers, their families and friends.

If you like you are also invited to join us for this meal.

The meal shall be held at the San Remo Restaurant in Main Street, Mosta. Details about the menu, location and a lot of other details can be found on my web-site: www.sandrovella.org.

If you would like to book your meal then call now on 79460527 or send me an e-mail at info@sandrovella.org.

You're invited and you can bring whoever you like with you, especially fellow bloggers or your readers.

Kind regards,

Sandro Vella

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