Two Questions: Why? and When?

In 2006 a measure was introduced by the government that encouraged families and business to purchase energy efficient appliances whereby a rebate of €116.50 (Lm50) was given to them. This was a good initiative on behalf of the government that, at the end of the day, was environment-friendly. But as of the 31st of May 2008 this rebate shall, in all effect cease, in light of a notice on the Government Gazette despite the government's electoral promise (#159 on the electoral manifest) to maintain this rebate:
"159. Jissoktaw ukoll l-iskemi ta' rebates fuq xiri ta' appliances li jahlu inqas energija."
The government also promised a drastic reformation on the workings of MEPA so that these will be made more transperant and less corrupt. We imagined, at the time, that all illegitimate development would cease under the careful control and responsibility of the Prime Minister himself. Yet, it has already emerged that the Prime Minister and his government made a secret deal on election eve promising to legalize the illegal boathouses of the Armier squatters. Moreover it has quite recently emerged, thanks to the NGO Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar, that several applications have been approved which ignored regulations on the scheduling of buildings and went against MEPA policy. EDIT (8:51PM) MEPA denied these claims saying a house in Amery Street was not scheduled and that development at Windsor Terrace had been rebutted. However, no other claims made by FAA were denied.

So I cannot but ask:
Why remove the rebate on energy saving appliances and When is MEPA truly going to be reformed?

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One Response to Two Questions: Why? and When?

Keith Grech said...

And now they are even waivering on their commitment to review the income tax bands. These people are really something!

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